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Robert S. Havens has been a California Workers’ Compensation attorney since 1982, a Certified Specialist since 1996, and is experienced in personal injury law.

Robert Havens. Worker's Compensation Attorney

Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

We are a law firm  with over thirty years of experience in workers’ compensation law. We specialize in representing injured workers before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Call us now at 800 773-9499 or 310 823-3500.

Our goal is to provide the best possible representation for injured workers in all aspects of their workers’ compensation case. We take pride in being a small office which can provide personalized attention to the injured worker.  After over 30 years in  the Marina City Club, we have relocated.  Our Los Angeles office brings us closer to a number of workers’ compensation attorneys we have known over the years and our Santa Monica office provides us with the opportunity to continue to be close to our base of clients and close to the Pacific Ocean. is the home page of  Robert S. Havens, Attorney at Law. In addition to introducing our law firm, it contains general  information about California workers’ compensation law, created and collected by Robert S. Havens. It features a convenient  compilation of links to internet resources  which are useful to  both the injured worker who wants to know more about California workers’ compensation law and  to the experienced workers’ compensation practitioner. It also contains a series of articles in English and Spanish written and updated by Robert S. Havens for the education and enlightenment of his clients when approaching different stages of their workers’ compensation claim, from basic claims information to trial preparation.

Workers’ compensation is a complex and ever changing field.  The information on this website is intended to serve as a basic introduction to the field of workers’ compensation law in California and should not be relied upon in any legal proceeding.  When pursuing your legal remedies you should always obtain specific legal advice from an attorney who knows the facts of your particular case

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Our network of attorneys in related specialties such as labor law, social security, personal injury, and criminal law helps us serve the legal needs of our injured clients by providing appropriate referrals. We are located in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.

Robert Havens has been a California workers compensation attorney for over thirty years. He is certified as a specialist in workers’ compensation law and a past member of the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization (2008-2011), which is responsible for certification of attorney specialists in a number of fields. Prior to that position, he was chairman of the Workers Compensation Law Advisory Commission in 2008.  That Commission recommends specialists to the Board of Legal Specialization and prepares and grades the exam required of all workers compensation specialists for certification. He was a member of that commission for four years (2004-2008).

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the California Applicants Attorneys Association (CAAA) the lobbying and educational association of California attorneys representing injured workers.  He is on the Regulations Committee and the Education Committee of that organization, having produced the Rating Seminar and other seminars for Southern California for a number of years.


Robert Havens handled my case with the professionalism that only someone with 25 years of experience can do. His moral support and advice along the way were also extremely supportive. I would highly recommend his services. — Michael M.

Mr. Havens has represented my husband on two separate work comp cases. My husband returned to Mr. Havens, the second time, because he felt assured that he would represent him with the same respect, compassion and professionalism as he did before. Mr. Havens has always returned my calls or emails promptly and explained so that I would understand. My husband, as well as I, are totally confident that Mr. Havens will do his extreme best in representing my husband. Bottom line – we have referred friends and relatives to Mr. Havens without a second thought. — Mrs. K

I contacted attorney Robert Havens and he quickly answered all my questions, explained policies and got my case in order. Robert’s experience gave me the confidence and knowledge to move forward in selecting a physician who has kept my best interest in healing from the start. This experience is what gives you the edge that your case is handled with care and you will heal correctly! — Gino A.