Articles about California workers compensation

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A brief description of California workers’ compensation law.
What is workers comp and what benefits are available?

Worker’s compensation settlements.
The two types of settlements.

What types of money benefits are available for workers comp in California?
Six types of benefits are available.

What is a workers comp deposition in California?
Explanation of what a deposition is and what to expect.

California workers’ comp and fraud.
Some simple rules for answering questions.

What happens at a California workers’ comp trial?
What to expect at the trial and how to prepare for it.

What is a mandatory settlement conference in California workers’ comp?
What happens at the conference and how to prepare for it.

What is a “third party” in California workers’ comp?
This is someone besides your employer who caused the injury.

What does Medicare have to do with my workers’ compensation case?
What is an MSA?

What can I do if my workers compensation claim is denied?
What you can do if your claim is denied.

Should I change attorneys.
Why? is it taking so long?

Online  information about workers’ compensation
Lots of links and information.

All articles by Robert S. Havens, Attorney At Law. Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a Workers’ Compensation Specialist.